Saturday, February 28, 2009


I don't know how well the captions will come through so just in case; frome left to right.

"To hell with the common good....we have to position ourselves....."

"for 2012....."

"Recover, he sad. How does he expect to do that?"

"Rebuild, he said. Not on our watch."

"Spend, spend, spend."

"What was the greatest idea we Republicans ever had?"

" 'Just say no.' Nancey Reagan 1992. That was great." And from Oliphants little bird in the corner. "It was?"

This cartoon was in the Portland Oregonian today. Geez, written out like that it looks and sounds even worse than it did when I first saw the cartoon.

What can I say? We're not going to get anything out of the Rushicans in congress unless the Dems totally cave in to their idea of bipartisanship; which seems to be the "our way or the highway" rehash of the last eight years.

I have this idea. Probably won't happen but I'll run it up the flag pole anyway. We're watching politicians who are more concerned about how they're going to look in 2010 or 2012 when they try to work themelves up the election ladder. How about this? As soon as you declare for election to a new office you have to resign from the one you hold. With the multi year election cylcle we have right now at least the people paying for a congressman might actually have a congressman representing them.......most of the time. Or you finish your current term and have to wait one two year congressional cycle to run for another office.

I know........ it's been going on for years. We can't afford to have representatives who are so busy getting ready to run for the next office that they aren't doing their jobs now.


Lisa :-] said...

The Republicans are acting as if they just missed taking Congress and the White House this election...when the fact is, they threw the presidency and Congress right to the Democrats.

I think their strategy is going to backfire, though. If they Democrats are forced to leave them behind and get things going, I think the voters are going to spork more stonewalling Republicans out of office. Eventually the Democrats could amass the kind of majority they had forty years ago, and then no one will give a shit what the Republicans think or do anymore.

Wouldn't that be great?

JACKIE said...

I'm afraid it's going to take just about destroying the Republican party to get it through certain concrete skulls that it's a new world out there.

I pray for a time when people will be more important than dogma on the right.....and the left. If a political system, no matter what the core values are can't take of the least of us, it deserves to fail.

Bridgett said...

Both of you ladies are so smart. Honestly...Republicans right now make me feel like bashing MY head against the wall.

And to think...they actually believe we'd be in a better position right now with Sara Palin in office? GIVE. ME. A. BREAK.