Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Things I Cannot Do

Yes, it would be much more life-affirming of me to create a post about “Things I CAN Do…” It’s just that, in the past few days, I’ve received some fairly unsettling—if not downright painful—reminders of things I can NOT do. Such as:

Defy Gravity:
As a small (5’3”) person in a world built to accommodate those of larger stature, I’ve spent my life climbing, stretching, clambering and rappelling. My kitchen at the café has an inconveniently tiny footprint; but it does have twelve-foot ceilings. Ergo, most everything is stored…UP. Though I’ve spent most of my life performing “See-If-You-Can-Reach-This” gymnastics, at this point in time, I’m about twenty years older and twenty pounds heavier than I was in my prime. Monday afternoon, I discovered how not “sticking” a dismount can cause soft and not-so-soft parts of my body to come into ungraceful, painful contact with the concrete floor.

Enjoy Live Classical Music: Monday morning, on a whim, I tuned to Portland’s classical music station. Where I learned that Itzhak Perlman would be playing with the symphony that very evening. A little email back-and-forth with my husband produced tickets to the event (score!) and I looked forward eagerly to the evening. Later, I came to realize that my level of latent exhaustion makes it impossible for me to sit in a darkened theater surrounded by lovely music and…stay awake. I nodded out through most of the last twenty minutes of the Brahms symphony. I’m glad, at least, that we did not have $100 tickets…

So, this week so far has been a carnival of reminders that, at fifty-three, I do indeed appear to be losing a bit of my youthful edge...


JACKIE said...

Ouch!I hope you didn't hurt yourself too badly. We're painting the bathroom now. And we make very sure to have handholds and leaning places when we do the ceiling. I can really sympathize. Please be careful.

alphawoman said...

It took Joe three times before he saw the entire movie "Lost in translation" because he kept fallign asleep, the music was so dreamy.

Kathy said...

Ahh ... you too? I find myself falling asleep before the ten o'clock news only to wake in the middle of Jimmy Kimmel Live, or worse ... paid programming!

I'm petite too -- and have learned to use one of those 'grabber' thingamabobs that my mother used to use. And a step stool. And a chair. And the last two aren't used as gracefully as they once were.

I do hope you bounced a bit. I am sure the relaxing music lulled you into dreamland, which may be what you needed more. ;)

Have you tried a hip hop class yet? I have and I have found I can't do that either. LOL

Anonymous said...

I believe when youthful edge goes you are offered some other constructive alternatives to choose from. After my youthful edge dipped ;-0(I did hate it so @ first), I found I let my intellect overrule my emotions more, I respond more than REACT now, which I see as a good thing.

I express my core beliefs more often/accurately without worrying I won't keep a friend, get a man or make my neighbors feel all warm & fuzzy inside when they see me.

I'm no longer annoyed or ~smarmy false charmy~ about things I don't understand or agree with.

I idle away time on a book or an opera that I'd have had to be WORKING WORKING in the past to feel "good" about.

I could go on, but I'm not writing this essay, merely commenting on it, so I will not :-).~Mary

Debbi said...

Oh I hear you! It doesn't have to be evening, semi-dark, nor accompanied by music for me to start that jerky head-nodding. Just sitting still for more than 15 minutes or so and listening to someone else talk (e.g., staff meetings) seems to signal the waves of fatigue to start washing over me. I like how you phrased it: "my level of latent exhaustion." Well said.

sunflowerkat321 said...

I fell about a year and a half ago and the hurt stayed with me longer than I expected it to. I'm sitting here thinking "what things can I NOT do" and I have no answers. But I could sure make a list of things I'm afraid to try and do, because I'm not willing to risk being injured.

I hope you're feeling ok after your fall.