Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thank You, and Howdy

Thank you, Lisa, for that generous introduction and welcome. I know many of your contributors, and probably many of your readers, from my former life in AOL Journals, where I kept the Journals Windmills of My Mind, and The BiblioPhiles. I began my "new"Blogger blog, Quid Nunc?, almost five years ago as a necessity for joining the political group blog, The Blue Voice, formed by a gang of former AOL political Journalers at that time. When we started The Blue Voice I was tapped as the "environmental" writer for the group, as I had written copiously on the environment in my AOL journal. That blog continues, though only the fabulous Bruce Miller has maintained the will and ability to write frequently in it. Most of the other blog members, myself included, have been dormant for well over a year. Some of us have spoken lately about regrouping and bringing the Voice back to life. It remains to be seen.

Though Quid Nunc? was itself dormant for most of the years of its existence, I resuscitated it this past fall when I was missing a place to simply write about my current interests and passions, and am enjoying having a place to put my thoughts onto a public page. Around the same time, I discovered that some of my longlost AOL friends had ended up in this group of wonderful writing women. After following this blog for some months, and seeing that I was indeed still able to write coherently, had something to say and was going to keep up my own blog - I got up the courage to contact both Kat and Lisa and ask about being let in to the group.

So, here I am, hopefully with something to add to the mix, glad to be back in touch with some old friends, and have the chance to make some new ones. If you take a moment to check out Quid Nunc?, you'll see where my interests lie and what my subjects seem to be. Subject, always, to enormous changes at the last minute. That's me there, in a photo I have titled "Tired Old Broad With Cat."


Lisa :-] said...

A cat, a book, a lamp, some pillows and a fuzzy throw. Could be any one of us in that picture (except Kat...she'd have a dog in her lap and a craft project in her hands.)

Once again, welcome aboard! :-]

sunflowerkat321 said...

LOL at your comment Lisa. Yes, a dog and a pile of stuff to do is me to a T!

Welcome Mari Ellen! Looking forward to reading your thoughts here.

It's a new year ladies. I SWEAR....I'm going to try harder!

Kathy said...

Welcome! Welcome! I remember the Blue Voice and Bruce as well as your own Windmills. Wow, it's been a while.

My thoughts on you joining our little group? Perhaps you'll inspire us, just by your presence, to get up off the couch and into the office chair.

emmapeelDallas said...

Welcome! I look forward to reading you!