Thursday, November 18, 2010


May I suggest an alternative to the airport security check ins that have so many knickers in a twist? I haven’t figured out which combo is best. But, when you arrive at the airport and check in you are issued either two bed sheets or a sheet and a hospital style gown. You are also given flip flops and a see through bag that can be sealed once it’s scanned. Perhaps they could use something like the anti shoplifting tags that use dye. That, or a very small stink bomb to deter folks from unsealing their bags.

You change, put your clothing, including the above mentioned knickers and other unmentionables in the bag and go through the security scanners. Your bag is sealed and you board your flight looking rather like an extra from Gandhi, the Animal House toga party or an old sword and sandals film. I would not want to be stranded on the tarmac in Chicago this time of year.

For extra spice all congressional representatives, bureaucrats etc. would be required to fly commercial airlines and have to do the same thing. Especially anyone remotely tied to the TSA or Homeland Security. Can you imagine all our over sixty representatives without their power suits (or skirts) as the case may be. ;-) It’d be worth the cost of a ticket just to see Mitch McConnel trying to figure out what to do with his tighty whities.

"Those who sacrifice liberty for a little security deserve neither security or safety." freely borrowed from Ben Franklin.


Lisa :-] said...

I'm of two minds about the airport security thing. No one wants to be groped, but no one wants to be blown out of the sky, either. But really, since I don't fly, my opinion isn't worth a hill of beans.

JACKIE said...

They'd be hard put to hide anything under a sarong or a bed sheet. Part of the idea too, is to require the folks that make the regulations to abide by them too. In fact I'd put them at the back of the line.

Anonymous said...

Interesting idea. I think they need to tighten up on security.