Monday, February 21, 2011


For a contrasting view on Representive Franklin's attempt to reclassify rape victims as "accusers" please go to Ron Paul's website. It makes for shall we say "interesting" reading for lack of a better word. After all this is a mostly family friendly blog. As a woman I don't think I'd like to live in Mr. Paul's Libertarian paradise.

And I don't believe our outstanding web hostess, Lisa, would appreciate having this "material" permanently enshrined here. Reading it there was bad enough. There are times I wish we kept booze in the house. I oculd use a belt........or three.


Lisa :-] said...

Ron Paul has a point, of sorts, about the term "victim" possibly being slanted in favor of the accuser. Fine. Then change ALL the legal language for EVERY crime (though I guess I'd like to see how they deal with a homicide "accuser...") Singling out the crime of rape for this particular semantic argument not so subtly implies that most rape accusations are frivolous.

Hell, a man should be allowed to "Do" a woman whenever he wants, however he wants; ain't that right, Cletus?

JACKIE said...

Ranks right up there with the attempt to deny a woman the chance to have a needed abortion unless she was the victime of a "forcible
in there place.

I loved those old John Wayne movies like McKlintock and The Quiet Man when I was a kid. Until I realized the implications that all a reluctant woman needs to show her where her heart belongs is forceful male in her life. The logical conclusion of the Old Testament "you can marry the reluctant virgin you raped as long as you pay her father a fine." It's a bit of a stretch; but the young women in this country are in for a rude awakening. There's no excuse for not voting and speaking out.

I will not bow and I will not serve.