Sunday, May 1, 2011

Something For Which We Have All Been Waiting...Or Not


While I understand there is no way that this event can go unmentioned here at "Women On..."

I need to confess:

My first reaction was not "Justice has been done."

My first reaction was not "An evil man has been removed from this earth."

My first reaction was not "Glory Hallelujah!"


My first reaction was, "Oh My God. It will be SOOOO interesting to see how this plays out for the president in the next few days."

I am at once hopeful...

...and hiding under my bed with my fingers in my ears.

Events of the past decade have led me to be almost certain that the media, politicians, pundits, and people of this great country are on the threshold of a Great Opportunity... to make total asses of themselves.

If only it could be some other way.

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JACKIE said...

They already are over in the Oregonian's comment section. Most of them are cool, but there are a couple of twits.

Although a couple of others have pointed out that the prez's cool as a cucumber performance over the weekend as he twitted the Donald, all the while knowing that an operation was under way that could sink his presidency was "too cool for school." I can hear the molars grinding now. From what I picked up on CNN, almost no one knew this was going down; a major miracle in the over wired era.