Friday, July 29, 2011

On Creating Monsters

The Republican party seems to have made a dire miscalculation. One that appears poised to do it in.

Since the Reagan Era, Republicans have pandered to the far-right wing. Gave the nutcases just enough attention to make them believe their interests were being taken care of by the good ole GOP. The 'Pubs threw them a bone now and then in pre-election rhetoric, then ignored them after the votes were tallied.

Now it's harvest time, and though the Republican Party diligently tried to apply Round-up to the fields after every election, they are going to have to reap what they have sown.

Unfortunately for mainstream Republicans (and everyone else), wingnut rhetoric and a few legislative bones now and then are no longer satisfying this constituency. They have formed the Tea Party, ostensibly an ultra-conservative wing of the more centrist-minded GOP. But they are now the tail wagging the dog.

John Boehner finds himself in a position where, even though his party has seized control of a nearly-deadlocked House, he cannot control or direct its actions without caving to the ultra-right wing agenda. He doesn't have the votes.

So the Republicans can't get anything passed.

The Democrats can't get anything passed.

And Congress is a stone around the President's neck.

Our thanks to the GOP for setting the stage for the most stagnant, putrid legislative session in memory.

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JACKIE said...

Amend the constitution so that legislative districts are set up strictly by population, no more gerrymandering.

Any stories about any political rallies must include the number of people attending. I've seen stories lately where the TP'rs are lucky to drum up two dozen people, although the headline doesn't reflect that.

Explore write in options for ballots. Get around the tilted nominating process.