Wednesday, November 23, 2011


My sister bless her heart is probably more conservative than mom and I are. She posted a link on my Facebook page this morning and I followed it. Went looking through the postings and found something that I did not need to see on the day before Thanksgiving. But, the cartoon looked familiar. I'd seen something like it within the last couple of days. I was right. The original cartoon with Jim Morin's byline was published in the Eugene Register Guard yesterday. The Miami Herald probably published it the 20th. It didn't take long for someone to photoshop it, take out Morin's byline and come up with this: abomination is the kindest term I can come up with.

And this is the website I found the second cartoon on. Ironically they use the name Truth, Justice and the American Way. You'll have to scroll down a bit to find this posting but feel free to leave your opinion.

Cross posted in Walking With Hope. But, when I see stuff like this, hope looks a long, long, way away.


Lisa :-] said...

I posted this on your facebook posting (which I think adds to the comments in the thread on their site, but someone will probably delete it):

I noticed that the fact that some crazy redneck kid from Idaho took potshots at the White House didn't get cartoonized. In fact, Fox Noise tried to connect him to "Occupy..." I love that the right wingers have taken to bashing the Occupy Movement...that means they feel threatened. It's working...!"

That's where the hope lies...

JACKIE said...

If they weren't worried they wouldn't pull this crap. But it's still frustrating. Local folks who have taken the time to talk to folks at the demonstrations tell of meeting retired doctors, lawyers, teachers, business folks. Won't hear about that on Faux.