Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We had an impressive visitor in the yard this morning. The shrub is about three and half feet tall so you get an idea of how big this lady is. And then a close up to show the beautiful markings; from the almost bluish tint on the head to the brown/cream at the tail. This neighborhood just continues to amaze me as the lawns get smaller and the non traditional yards get bigger. Granted they aren't exactly the brightest critter bulbs in the neighborhood but what a surprise.
The color scheme right now is brown, white and green with a dash or two of yellow and blue. The daylilies are pushing up-green; spring autumn crocus foliage-green; daffodils-white with yellow centers; Andromeda-white and green; get the picture LOL.
Mud. Lots and lots of clingy, heavy, clay based, brown mud. When we plant something we dig really big holes and fill them with compost and other good stuff. One of these days the yard will be in much better shape dirt wise.
Hey, it can't be too bad. The turkey liked it. :-) And I saw a humming bird yesterday. The rest of the week is bonus.


Lisa :-] said...

I put the hummingbird feeder back up this past weekend. We enjoyed watching Bird Wars as the little males fought over ownership of the yard. :)

We haven't seen any turkeys in our yard, though... VERY cool.

Kathy said...

Oh, I just love the turkeys when they visit. They are an interesting bunch.

Just yesterday I purchased a second bird feeder station ... for the front of the house.

I am loving all the bird calls early in the morning. Standing on the deck with a cup of coffee just listening before the day gets busy and noisy.

Not much green here yet, but soon I hope!

emmapeelDallas said...

I LOVE that the turkey visited and that you got these pics and posted them. How cool!

TJ said...

We have wild turkeys alot! We feed them through out the cold winters months...crazy running creatures. I can't help but laugh....Love the post! TJ

Debbi said...

I didn't even know WHAT she was! I know you are in Oregon and I looked at TJ's profile to see she is in Michigan, so I guess this is a northern phenomenon. I had no idea you guys up there get wild your front yards no less! And you were able to capture the visit on camera. I'm blown away. The beauty and awe of it all made my day.