Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

First I want to apologize for being so..."gone". Like all of you, every day I have ten more things to do than I can possibly accomplish. Does the list EVER get shorter? I'm finding my blogging time dwindling, but I don't want to lose the experience all together. I'd like to breathe new life into my personal blog, participate more here and at the Blogger Community Photo Challenge. My heart's in the right place anyway.

I am sitting in an airport right now, on a short layover. I want to get back here and get caught up on what's been posted here. I'm anxious to read the waterboarding post. I am horrified.

But, my topic of choice today is Earth Day. Now more than ever, I feel like this is a day that should become a national call to action. Since Earth Day first began, communities all over the country have put together events to draw attention to the issues that face our environment. But why can't this day be embraced with the fervor of oh...say...St. Patricks Day. Everyone knows it's St. Patrick's day and tries to participate in one way or another. But, what's the point? (I know....public drukenness). No one misses the "traditions" of many other holidays, but why not Earth Day.

Environmental action is a cause that most of us see of value, but so few ever take steps to participate in. What if every community in the country had squads of volunteers doing litter pick up? It would be a great tradition. I think it must not catch on because, in reality, no one wants to pick up someone else's trash. Now that I live in a "beach community", I am constantly faced with the piggishness of the general public. We have beautiful natural areas on Long Island, but I'm trying to think of a single one I have visited lately where litter wasn't a huge problem. I'm tired of mistaking that plastic grocery sack in the tree for an egret.

On a global scale, litter is by far, not the most serious issue. But, I bring it up because it's something everyone can see. If you open your eyes, you will notice it everywhere you look. And it's something that EVERYONE can easily do a little something about, if it's nothing more than not dropping the trash on the ground in the first place. As I walk along the beach, I often feel guilt that I didn't bring along a plastic bag to pick up some of that crap. I should start. However, it almost feels like trying to bale the ocean with a thimble. What I can do, will have miniscule impact. But, if everyone had a conscious regarding the environment, if everyone respected their role in protecting and nurturing it, a difference could be made.

As I'm writing this, I feel like I'm just talking to hear my head rattle....but I wanted to at least speak up on behalf of the planet today.

They're calling my to run. S


Lisa :-] said...

I know the culture of the Bush Administration was more to destroy the environment to protect it. That attitude affected everyone...even me, I'm sorry to say. I don't recycle as much as I should, I throw pop cans in the garbage instead of saving them and taking them back.

But you are right, is time for all of us to step up and celebrate--and care for--our Mother Earth.

alphawoman said...

I am moving to an area that does not recycle and it amazes me that there is still this reluctance and/or inability to face reality!