Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another One for the Books

Okay. I'm not doing a very good job of writing that "candy" post. I swear, I'm going to work on it tonight.

But, once again, I found an article that ripped my gut.

Try this one on for size:

Cancer Patient Tells Of Rip In Safety Net.

I'm hear to tell you, folks...if one woman dies, or even suffers unduly, because her insurance company rescinded her policy when she tried to make a claim...

That's one woman--one human being--too many.

Which is the biggest pile of bullshit here: that an insurance company unnecessarily delayed a woman's cancer treatment even though her doctors begged them to let the claim go through?

Or that the hospital was going to force her to put down a $30,ooo deposit for life-saving surgery if she was uninsured?

When did we as a culture make the decision to subscribe to the rule of survival of the richest?

Tell me again that the health care "industry" (that very word should give an indication of how skewed our perception of health CARE has become) in the United States of America hasn't been completely poisoned by the worship of the almighty dollar.

Tell me again that this country isn't in desperate need of drastic health care/insurance reform.


Bridgett said...

This is exactly why I quit nursing. I couldn't tolerate another day working in a industry where I had no faith whatsoever.

So many doctors and health facilities are being 'gifted' way too much money from Big Pharma for me to feel even remotely comfortable with anything they tell me anymore.


JACKIE said...

If you want to get really depressed try the book "Overdosed in America." The author is a doctor with a statistics background chronicling among other things-the changes in his practice after drug advertising hit. Not good. Especially the graph that compares American health to with that of other first world countries.

America may have the highest medical costs in the world. No matter what the talking heads want us to's not buying us the best care.

Kathy said...

I'm nauseous after reading that. Not surprised, just sickened.