Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Kinda Like This One...

Yes, I hate Sarah Palin.

Yes, I'm pretty sure Ms. Palin thinks she is trying to position herself for a run for national office in 2012.

Yes, I'm equally pretty sure she hasn't the slightest idea what she's doing.

And, yes...I know the left is trying every which way to paint Palin's latest move in the most negative possible light.

I'm embarrassed for the left that "we" are afraid of her.

I'm embarrassed for the right that she is any kind of a credible political figure.

Tell me again that we aren't all going to hell in a handbasket...


JACKIE said...

Palin's resignation saga is becoming the "death of a thousand cuts" for some of us.

It doesn't rise to the level of a cringe; more of a low level toothache. Not quite bad enough to send you to the dentist; but it just won't GO AWAY. And the best argument against a lock on the news by the so called liberal media.

She's already self destructed. Let her fade into well deserved obscurity. What's really scary is that fourteen percent of the respondents to one poll said they'd vote for her for prez. Hey gal, got any extra room in that hand basket?

Kathy said...

We're going? I think we've pretty much gone and I'm not believing it matters what party or person is in power anymore.

Not only is health care broken, I'm disillusioned enough to think government is too.

Wish I knew a solution to any of this ... mess.