Thursday, July 23, 2009

There Oughtta be Another Law...

So, we have a health care "reform" plan that is largely going to consist of forcing every citizen to purchase health insurance. The insurance companies assure us that the reason so many people cannot afford health insurance is that there are so many uninsured. I don't know about you, but I'm thinking the exact opposite is true--there are so many uninsured because nobody can afford health insurance. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Ah, the lobbies. Someone is spending a great deal of money somewhere to make people act on an assumption as obviously STUPID as what they want us to believe. I wish someone would do some research into how much money the Health Insurance lobby is spending to influence Congress...

Meanwhile, someone HAS done some research on how much money a different lobby is spending to make sure anything coming out of Congress is slanted in its favor... Anyone who thinks health care reform is getting any kind of a fare review by Congress, read this:


A commenter on this article mentioned that no significant legislation of any kind is going to make it through our Congress until "lobbying reform" happens...

When, exactly, is hell going to freeze over?


Bridgett said...

I HATE Big Pharma with a passion I can't even begin to explain.

Health care is no longer about healing. It's about making money.
And yes, I firmly believe..actually, I KNOW...that many of the common drugs prescribed these days actually make us more sick than we were to begin with.

Antibiotics, antacids, anti-depressants...the list keeps going and going.

And don't even get me started on vaccinations.

Funny how they started making a Swine Flu vaccination over a year ago...well before this Swine Flu ever made an appearance.

And it's going to be distributed in the same fashion regular flu shots multi-dose vials.

Guess what means? A shitload of thimerosal (aka mercury), being injected into the high risk groups: the young, the elderly, and the pregnant women.

And we wonder why our nation's health is going to hell in a handbasket.

Until Big Pharma is under control and are actually HELD ACCOUNTABLE for the things they do, we're all going to become more and more ill.

I truly believe this.

The insurance companies are in cahoots too, obviously.

The whole situation makes me crazy.

JACKIE said...

If they try to force us to buy a product (insurance) without controling the cost of the product there are going to be so many lawsuits that it'll be years before it takes effect.

The only real ""freedom we have left is the freedom to buy what somebody else wants to sell us.

I don't expect that hell will freeze over anytime soon.

Kathy said...

Nor do I. Expect hell to freeze over any time soon that is. And I've come to the conclusion that my high hopes are merely dashed expectations in disguise.

Anne said...

THIS is a crying shame. There is so much to be done with healthcare reform. People do NOT listen and the interputation is a shame. So many people are in need. There are such basic things that should be done. I hope the people of this nation will pay close attention. (This is coming from a wife of a physican) MUCH needs to be done so write or email your representitives! Anne