Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Here's a New Idea...

I've come up with a new idea for a post series.

I'm going to call it "WTF?!"

Every time I encounter something in the news, in life, in the political landscape, that screams the inanity of what our world has become, I'll post it as a WTF.

Today's WTF is...

Cinco de Mayo.

Have you noticed how every other bar, eatery, shopping mall and chamber of commerce in the US is having a big Cinco de Mayo Celebration?

You know...Cinco de Mayo. The obscure Mexican holiday that we Anglos have adopted as the day to raise a glass to Mexican American culture.

And yet...

These days, we treat Mexicans like the worst plague to darken our land since Yellow Fever.

Can you say...


1 comment:

marigolds2 said...

The real problem here is that there are so so many situations that would warrant inclusion in such a series. How do you choose?

I like in this post that you are one of the four or five people in the USA who know that the fifth of May celebrates a relatively obscure Mexican victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla. Most North Americans seem to think it is sort of Mexico's Fourth of July, a celebration of national independence. That actual day comes on September 16, which was kind of like our Boston Tea Party, a first cry of rebellion against colonial rulers.

For most North Americans I guess Cinco de Mayo is just another excuse to drink beer. At least maybe it's Corona, Tecate, or Negra Modelo on that day.