Friday, July 30, 2010


This was the best of the morning's pictures. It was about seven and the sun had just come out from behind the tree across the street. Some sun loving coleus, and geraniums. There's a sweet potatoe vine in there too, but I need a different angle. Better luck tomorrow; or whenever.
I've been so busy digging I've forgotten to record the results. Mixed bag so far. A few peppers, enthusiastic tomato VINES, our first zuke, some lettuce and a Frankenstein lemon cucumber that's doubled in size in the last couple of days and appears to be heading for the border. LOL

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Lisa :-] said...

It was a lovely morning this morning. I got to sit outside with my coffee for a little while, watch the birds and look at my plants. Got my camera out, too...tried to get some shots of my hydrangeas which are going great guns this year (I think they LIKED the freeze last December...) Maybe I'll download them and see if I can post one...