Thursday, January 13, 2011

My New England Blizzard 1-12-2011 The Abridged Version

That's my girl, buried in snow. Brrrr

A Junco finds eating while it is snowing just a fine activity.

No, that's not the spray-one type.

Loved the peace and quiet of no cars.

A male Cardinal stops in for a visit.


Lisa :-] said...

Love the cardinal picture. He looks like he was painted onto a black and white background.

marigolds2 said...

LOVE all these pictures, but have to vote with Lisa for the cardinal. There are NO cardinals in New Mexico. And if I'd known that, I might not have moved here.

Lisa :-] said...

There are no cardinals in Oregon, either. And I grew up with them in Illinois. I have to make do with hummingbirds here in the Pacific Northwest... Sigh!

Anonymous said...

LOL on not the spray-on type.