Saturday, November 1, 2008


I guess I need to take pictures on the weekend and then post on Friday. Of course if I'd done that I wouldn't have had these pictures to post because it hadn't rained yet, because, oh well.

We used to have an Austrian pine in the southeast corner of the yard. It was supposed to be the shrub version of the plant, but oh well. It finally got so tall that it was growing into the lines going into the neighbors' house. After the ice/snow storm in January of 04 the utility guys came around to top it. Mom asked if they'd just cut it down. Goodby tree.

So we're the proud owners of the stump of a pine tree. But, the pine tree isn't alone this fall. We had rain yesterday morning and then some sun and up sprang dozens of little tiny toadstools making their home in the bark of the old tree.

None of them are any bigger than a dime. We don't miss the tree. The needles basically killed out anything underneath it, so there was this big tree with a dead zone underneath.
We'll probably have the stump ground down this spring to add to the garden space. But those little guys were quite a sight when I got home last night.


Dannelle said...

You must have very tiny elves and fairies if their umbrellas are that small!

Kathy said...

Your little toadstools are what I call 'little live pieces of life'. Cute and interesting!