Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jack In The Pulpit

Watching Spring unfurl is preferable to this cold!

It being Sunday and all ... a little Jack-In-The-Pulpit from earlier this year seems perfect for today. Plus, it's reminding me just how beautiful spring, summer and fall weather is here in New England. 'Cause DARN, it's cold out today! No snow -- but coming soon I'm sure.

When the snow arrives, you can be sure, I'll be here writing about how great it is. Snow is the only thing that gets me through the cold, dark, winter months. (and maybe a snuggle or two)


Lisa :-] said...

We're still enjoying the tail end of our elongated fall season here in the Pacific Northwest. There are still some leaves on the trees, my patio plants are hanging in there with a few flowers,and we still haven't had a whole lot of frost or ice. I would love to take another trip out to the wine country this afternoon, but I have to clean house today...bleh.

JACKIE said...

We have a lupin in the pot on the porch that mom trimmed late last month. The darn thing is putting out new leaves. Things don't really give up around here until December and then the crocuses start putting out little "feelers" by the end of January.

Thanks for the reminder of spring.

Dannelle said...

Yes, and my lavender is blooming with snow predicted this week! Dannelle