Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I actually got up this morning thinking about…Valentine's Day. The menu, in fact, finally crystallized in my mind. And I thought about how now I can go to the cafĂ© and complete my signage, and let people know what the menu is, and start taking reservations… This is how single-minded I've become. This is how much of a slave to the dream I am.

At 8:00 I jumped in the shower. And at 8:30, I glanced at the clock, thinking I was right on track for getting to work at 9:00, my scheduled time of arrival. 9:00 Pacific Time. Noon, Eastern Standard Time. The exact time our 44th president was scheduled to take the oath of office.

And I stopped short, and I thought…what the f*** am I doing?

So I threw on my make-up, turned on my television, and sat down. Sat down to witness, at least by live TV, history in the making. A history for which I have been longing for eight long years…and for which this nation, and a people dragged from their homeland to serve as slaves to the founders, have been longing for far longer than that.

In this same room, on this same television, I watched, terrified, mesmerized, the saga of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. That, too, was history in the making. A sad, desperate and evil history. A history which plunged our nation into a deep moral, ethical and spiritual vacuum. (Though who is to say that the recently defunct administration would not have led us there anyway…without any help from Osama Bin Laden?)

So now…finally. Finally. We have a new president. A new administration. A new direction. And that direction is "up." "Down" is not an option. Nor is sideways. Perhaps we had to go so far down…descend into hell, as it were, to get to this day in history. To clamor for this level of hope. To throw off the backward-thinking, the returning to old hatreds, the nurturing of old grievances.

Today is day one.





cw2smom said...

What an exciting day in history! I am so pleased I took the time to watch and be inspired by President Obama's speech and hope for our future! I'm looking forward to seeing what he accomplishes as we moce forward as a nation and a people! No matter ones politics, I don't know how you could not be absolutely entralled by the energy and passion this man projects! My best wishes to him as he takes on the toughest job in the world! Blessings to us all, Lisa

alphawoman said...

i sat glued to the tv all morning wishing I were there!

Kathy said...

I was glued to the PC at work and if I could have, I would have just taken the day off and watch from home. Better still, I would have traveled to DC and mixed in with the throng ... that was so impressive ...