Sunday, January 11, 2009


snow starling

It has stopped snowing (thank god) and the more Oregon-like rain and balmy (50 degrees) temps have obliterated almost all vestiges of the disaster, save the remains of the extra-large mounds created by the few pitiful attempts to plow.

But I took this photo on the first snow-day, when the snow was still pretty. It's a starling. Happy but grungy birds. His background in this pic makes him look like a million bucks.


alphawoman said...

Nice. No snow so far this year.

sunflowerkat321 said...

I think that starlings have a special beauty....but they sure are pigs at the feeder. It's great to get an up close look at one.

I was just about to post a bird related image. It's coming right up!

JACKIE said...

What a puff ball. That first day we had just about everything but starlings. Hang in there kid spring is coming.

emmapeelDallas said...

What a BEAUTIFUL shot! I'd print, mat and frame it, for sure!


Kathy said...

As Judi suggested, print and frame that shot. It's great! Glad your snow has abated. We've had another 6" of the fluff and more expected later this week.

It's all fine and good with me.

Anonymous said...

That is a perfect shot.