Monday, March 15, 2010


During the Viet Nam era anti war group finally learned a hard lesson. It sank in that if a new recruit had miraculous access to weapons and a sure fire plan to use them he or she was probably a paid informant for the bureau or the company. Maybe both.

The armed, possibly dangerous and vocal anarchists on the right or left don't scare me near as much as the quiet ones. Hey, everything I know about running an underground operation I learned from reading the funny papers. Seriously, if I was planning armed opposition to the government I wouldn't be buying my guns in the mall, I wouldn't be speaking to a reporter, from any news organization; sympathetic or otherwise, any tattoos I had would be where nobody could see them, and no booze or drugs.

If the elected hired help was half as organized as these folks seem to think it is and the martial law scenario they fear is credible, the lists are already drawn up. Not the lists of people to be arrested after martial law is declared. The lists of people to be arrested before the boots march and the borders are closed. They'll be the ones paraded before the cameras to justify the crack down. Do the words sacrificial lamb ring a bell?

While we're busy keeping our eyes on the loud ones, who's watching out for the quiet ones?

Oh, and an open memo to the military officer in question. The military serves as the discretion of the civilian authority in this country. Civilians make policy, no matter how inept it may seem at the time. Break with that tradition an we just might have an earthquake in Kansas as a former five star general/president makes his displeasure known. I wouldn't want to face a wrathful Eisenhower. There's at least one history book that claims the man could give swearing lessons to longshoreman. I'd love to be a fly on the wall during that session.


Toon said...

It takes a certain amount of intelligence to keep quiet. Obviously no one has told the teabaggers this.

Lisa :-] said...

The thing is, these guys aren't about killing for their own personal pleasure. It needs to be very public. They need to get the credit. They need to make a very loud, very macho, very dangerous statement. So really...I'm just as afraid of the noisy ones as I am of the quiet ones.

JACKIE said...

It's just that while I'm ducking from the ones I know about, I'm wondering who's going to stick the knife in my back. These guys scare me, the quiet ones scare me more.