Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh Happy Day!!!

Cynthia calls them "appreciations," Alphawoman calls them "Grace in small things" and tries to list some every day. When I do them I call them "gratitudes" and usually post them in my private journal, far less often than every day.  They are the small wonders that make life bearable, even sometimes good, or better than good, if we're lucky. I had no intention of posting any gratitudes today, I had a lot to do this morning, including getting to the grocery store before I get dressed and turn into a professional woman and go off to teach my class. So, I hied myself to Albertson's because it's Ten Percent Discount for Senior Citizens (also known as Old People) Day and I try to stock up on nonperishable stuff once a month with that discount.  And it was right there as I was walking past the ice cream freezers that a mighty big gratitude appeared unto me, so I'll list it first:

1. Two guys were unloading cartons of something that they were loudly proclaiming to be a "new ice cream."  Well, yes, for New Mexico I guess it is.  For a Texan born and bred, it isn't.  I had read this online, and now it has come to pass:  Blue Bell Ice Cream is available in Albuquerque. One of the guys gave me a little sample cup of Homemade Vanilla, the very best of their flavors, and I threw a pint of the same into my cart.  Blue Bell is made in Brenham, TX, in the middle of some of the purtiest bluebonnet country there is,  and is the national ice cream of my home state, and should be the national ice cream of all fifty states, because as the company proclaims quite truthfully, it is "The best ice cream in the country."
2. The sun is shining brightly and warmly and today it truly does feel as if we may have seen the last of winter.

3.  The yard is full of robins.

4. My new running shoes, although of course I only walk in them, are great - supportive and fast, I feel like an athlete when I put them on.

5. I am taking cupcakes to class today, as three of my students have birthdays this week.

And now I have to go turn into a Real Person, get out of my jeans and sweatshirt and head off to UNM.  With Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream in the freezer for dessert tonight. 


emmapeelDallas said...

I LOVE this post! What a day brightener! Thanks! (And yep, Blue Bell is terrific ice cream; try the strawberries with homemade vanilla when you get a chance. Yum.)

Anonymous said...

I do miss the Robins and Cardinals from living in the midwest, got to see some on my visit with my daughter. I remember when the Robins would come and visit me when I worked in my garden, munching on the worms that came up when I watered. Just have to be content with my hummingbirds.


alphawoman said...

It is nice to just count your blessings. Sometimes Joe and I get our panties in abunch and then we look at each other and say,"you know, we really have no problems". I like the GiST because it keeps me focused on what is good in life. It's so easy to become distracted. BTW, love the ice cream!