Thursday, August 28, 2008

Amen and Amen, Mr. C.

I have been very pointedly and purposefully ignoring the political parade of Election 2008.  I know who is getting my vote.  And I know why.  And I think I know who is eventually going to come out the victor.  So I have not intentionally watched any of the DNC coverage. 

My husband, however, is caught up in the speechifying and all.  He recorded Bill Clinton’s speech and insisted I sit with him and listen.  Which I did…while playing solitaire and creating next week’s schedule on my trusty laptop.

I love Bill Clinton.  I have missed Bill Clinton.  I have pined for the Clinton Administration over these past disastrous eight years.  Yet I know that anything that comes out of his mouth, or the mouth of any politician between now and November, is just so much sh…aving cream. 

Well…almost anything. 

I read somewhere that Bill Clinton writes his own speeches.  That no one can write as well as Bill Clinton can talk.

And, tonight, he let loose with one line that hit the bulls-eye.  Struck home.  Said it all.  Choose your cliché.  But this is a line to take to heart, to remember, to take with you to the voting booth:

“The world has always been more impressed by the strength of our example than by the example of our strength.”

Beautiful.  And SO true.

Thank you, Mr. Clinton.


mutualaide said...

So very TRUE.   That is exactly why parents teach by example not by heavy hand.  If I had a peace sign I could pop right in here, I would.  ;)  I didn't see or hear his speech, I was out last night, but I was sorry I missed it.

emmapeeldallas said...

"I love Bill Clinton.  I have missed Bill Clinton.  I have pined for the Clinton Administration..."

Ah, ME TOO!  And maybe because I live in a place where if/when I make such a statement, I half expect to find a burning cross on my lawn in the morning (what am I doing here anyway?) it makes me feel especially good to see that someone else shares my sentiments.  And I loved that line in his speech.


sunflowerkat321 said...

I intentionally missed Bill's speech because I knew I'd feel too disappointed that he can't return to the oval office.  I did watch Obama though....just in case he said anything historic.  It was a pretty speech....but when you think about it, he was promising the country the moon.  I still hope to god/dess he wilns.