Sunday, August 3, 2008


Spent some time with the camera yesterday morning. This is one purple coneflower plant and the bees totally adore it. I counted at least three dozen blossoms or buds from this side before I gave up.

The three busy bees. There were more, but these were the ones that sat still long enought to get the shot without using a tripod.

This shot is kind of cheating. My camera is set to create the largest possible picture. Then I can crop out what I want. I can end up with what looks like a true close up shot without having to fool around with my tripod. The blossoms were just loaded with busy little visitors. The details of the petals is just fantastic. I could  get lost just looking at the way the colors change.


mutualaide said...

Very pretty ... and what a plant!

mlraminiak said...

Well of course you crop the picture to look like it was a great close-up shot.  That's why they invented Photoshop.

That one picture looks like a bunch of bee condos or something.  Lisa  :-]