Friday, August 1, 2008

Photo Friday -- At The Golf Course

 On the third green, while putting, the view to the next tee box is this water hazzard.

 A little closer and the reflection of the grasses on the water begins to come in to view.

 As we walk by I noted the serenity of the calm water with mirror-like image. 

 A martin house.

  Bullfrogs in the grasses.

 Nature's planter.



mlraminiak said...

There is a beautiful golf course down the road apiece from where we live.  Every time we pass it I think I should take up golf just to be able to spend time in such a lovely green place.  Then I think...but I HATE golf...!  ;)  Lisa  :-]

thesheatons said...

Where else to you get the chance the whack the heck out of something and not have anyone mind? As long as you don't worry about the score or ending up in the woods...... Those are some awesome shots.


ereading7 said...

I used to golf a little bit and it always seemed like a mini-vacation to be on the golf course.  Sounds like the course pictured is a nature walk while on the mimi-vacation.