Thursday, August 14, 2008

Old Music with a Timely Message

Last week, I spent four hours cruising up and down Interstate 5 between home and Eugene.  I was able to grab a couple of my old cd’s and rock out to them on the way down.  One of them was Dan Fogelberg’s Souvenirs, which came out in 1980.  That would be 28 years ago.  Good lord, that’s a great collection of music.  I sang until I was hoarse.   And the following lyrics are either prophetic, or just go to prove that some things have not changed in thirty years…

…They'll take your money
And then take your health
To line their pockets with unequalled wealth
These men are under the power of gold
We won't be safe until we shut them down cold

Face the fire
You can't turn away
The risk grows greater with each passing day
The waiting's over
The moment has come
To kill the fire and turn to the sun

From “Face the Fire” by Dan Fogelberg, 1980

Some of us "got it" thirty years ago.  Some of us still haven't figured it out.  But it seems to me we all had better get it...andsoon.


emmapeeldallas said...

Oh, I loved Dan Fogelberg...

thesheatons said...

Another good one is Jackson Brown's "Lives in the Balance." If that doesn't make you wince, nothing will.