Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Well, the mail in ballot is filled out and ready to go to drop box. I've never done this before, voted the straight party line. Never thought I'd say that. Good luck to everyone. Vote, vote, vote; it guarantees your right to bitch or crow about the results. :-)


emmapeelDallas said...

Me too, I voted straight party line for the first time ever. Oh, there were three local choices with Republicans vs. Libertarians. In each of those cases, I voted for the Libertarians.

Lisa :-] said...

I imagine I'll vote straight party line, too... But I still have to sit down and sift through all the ballot measures. Ugh!

JACKIE said...

Actually, even the ballot measures were fairly easy. If it took money away from schools-no. If they wanted to build prisons without setting up money for construction-no. If Bill Sizemore or Kevin Mannix had anything to do with it-no. Those two are the main petition passing machines herein Oregon. After those were sifted out-it didn't leave much. :-)