Monday, October 20, 2008

On Negative Ads and Campaign Spending

I have to comment on the flap about Barack Obama spending “unprecedented amounts of money on negative ads.”

Here is yet another example of the GOP spin machine’s masterful manipulation of the liberal media.

In fact, Obama and McCain are spending about the same amount of money on negative ads here in the closing weeks of the campaign.

Both campaigns spending about the same on negative ads

The difference is, this is nearly all that McCain has to spend; but just under half of Obama’s total spending. Barack Obama just has more money. Almost twice what the McCain campaign has managed to come up with.

The brutal fact is, Barack Obama has the money to spend because people have given it to him. And they have NOT given it to John McCain. Because they really, really, REALLY don’t want John McCain (and Sarah Palin) to win this election.

We all know, despite the recent death-defying antics of the Dow Jones, that America’s corporate giants still have more money than God. Why, then, has the GOP “trickle-down” mechanism suddenly inflicted drought upon the McCain campaign? Are those corporate winners so invested in the concept of NOT being perceived as backing a loser that their knee-jerk reaction has been to tighten the purse strings when McCain comes a-calling? Does that make any sense? It seems that a McCain administration would be ever so much more sympathetic to traditional GOP business interests than an Obama White House.

Why have all those rich guys decided NOT to throw money at the McCain campaign? Have they finally reasoned that they DO NOT have enough money to buy this election?

We can only hope.


Dannelle said...

Think of negative campaign ads as satire or dark comedy. Works for me! Dannelle

emmapeelDallas said...

Oh, I love this. I gave small contributions, on line last night, to Barack Obama and to a guy I'd never heard of until this weekend, Elwin Tinklenberg, who happens to be running for congress in Minnesota, against Michelle Bachman ("let's have an investigation into who's anti-American in Congress"). Somehow, I don't think that's what Michelle was hoping would happen when she talked with Chris Matthews on Hardball.