Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Photo

It's still Friday...and I have a photo.

Once again, I have exciting(?) visitors to my backyard bird feeder.

This time, it's Grosbeaks! Evening grosbeaks, to be precise.

Okay, I know "exciting" is a matter of personal opinion...

But I just love these outsized finches (I've taken to calling them "clown birds" because of their somewhat comical appearance), and I haven't had them visit my feeder in a couple of years.

And I thought this particular picture, of a grosbeak feeding side-by-side with a goldfinch (the better to display the grosbeak's "Baby-Huey" proportions) was, well....cute!

Mutt 'n' Jeff


sunflowerkat321 said...

You and I have the same opinion on "exciting". I would be thrilled to have these guys visit my back yard. Great shot, thanks for sharing.

Nancy said...

Yes, great shot! And I too, find birds very fact, one's calling on me right now to take a look!


Bridgett said...

I have a next of baby robins on my porch right now. :)

Those are really pretty birds. GREAT shot!


Debbi said...

I agree it is terrific shot and I echo that I would be thrilled to have these bright yellow guests. Nature's coloring of her creatures never ceases to amaze and excite.

JACKIE said...

We had a couple of pair of grosbeaks spend three or four days in the area and then move on. They're almost too big for the tube feeder and it took a few tries to get the hang of the other. Yeah, next the chickadees, it's bit like a 707 next to a Piper Cub.