Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Photos...For the Birds

BH Grosbeak

This week it was black-headed grosbeaks.

This is a banner bird year, I guess. I have families--yes, families--of both kinds of grosbeaks chowing down at my feeders.

The young birds are so funny. They fly down to the feeder and cheep! cheep! at the seeds for a few minutes, until they figure out the food is not going to jump right into their mouths.

And then they get busy and put their brand new great big beaks to the use the Universe intended.

I can just sit and watch them for hours. Better than t.v.


sunflowerkat321 said...

Great photo Lisa. I've never seen one of those here.

And you're right....birdwatching is WAY better than tv.

JACKIE said...

Yes! We had a couple of pairs of the Black Headed ones hang around for about three days. I think they were stoking up as they passed through. I think they come up from Mexico and southern California. I don't think our hill is "suburby" enough for them. Too bad 'cause they're really pretty and were fun to watch.