Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Photo

I am sorry about my lack of participation here. Spring has finally arrived on Long Island which means I'm spending more time outdoors. I have pulled more into my shell than ever before. I'm becoming more reclusive and am feeling like I have very little to share. This may sound odd but I have a sense that anything I can't say with an image isn't worth saying. It's a funk I can't seem to shake.

Anyway, I wanted to assure you I am still around and I am still reading and trying to comment. I hope that one of these days....I'll snap out of this.

This is one of my regular haunts here in Stony Brook. I get myself down to the harbor almost every day to see what birds are visiting. I've photographed this scene a number of times but the light was especially pretty this particular morning.



JACKIE said...

What a beautiful shot. Wonderful to have something so great close to you. Although it's kind of hard to believe that a great city is just over the horizon (depending on which way you're looking).

Between the let down from getting out from under the last eight years, the old pols that just won't go away, and the crappy economy we're all been hibernating in a way.

I know I've had a terrible time trying to write anything. It's like the brain has been caught in neutral. Your picture is a good fog lifter.

Lisa :-] said...

I wanted to comment on this earlier, but I was looking at it on my computer at work, which is starting to croak and the monitor is fading.

This is lovely, Kat. I really want to go to this place and just...sit.

And as for not posting, I think everyone seem to be suffering from this inability to write malady.

But pictures are good.... :)

Debbi said...

This truly looks like a painting. So perfect it's almost unreal. Positively screams SUMMER. Lazy, hazy days. Ice cream. Perhaps an afternoon shower in the gathering clouds. Reading books and just daydreaming.

Anne said...

Oh, these phots soothe my soul. Outstanding! Anne