Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thinking While I Work

Well, I see that writing for three blogs could result in never getting another thing in my life accomplished! The great comments to my previous post on hunger in America need more than just my additional comment. I think they have inspired a whole new post. And while I'm on winter break from teaching at UNM, such things are possible. What will happen when Real Life resumes, I can't say. But I'm mulling over food and hunger thoughts while I do some laundry, work on the compost bin, get the bird feeders ready for the Arctic Blast they say is on its way later in the week, and get a few groceries into my own kitchen.

Y'know, I myself lived on food stamps many years ago, while my then-partner and I were both in grad school. It was nothing like trying to feed a family, but it did inspire me to get out of school and into a teaching job with alacrity. I've never forgotten the experience and been grateful all through the intervening years for continuing to earn a living wage, and use it as I please. Blessings not everyone can count on. At this point in my life, food - growing it, shopping for it, cooking it, and of course, eating it, has become my central passion. It's what I'm mainly writing about on my personal blog, and I see that it will probably have pride of place here as well.

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Lisa :-] said...

Years ago, you probably did a better job of feeding yourself on food stamps than many folks do now. I know so many people who HATE to get food boxes from...wherever, because they are full of things no one wants. They want mac & cheese in a box--they don't want pasta and cheese and milk and flour. Not that macaroni and cheese is the most nutritious meal in the world, but it's a great example of how/what people in our culture want to eat these days. Especially low income folks, who probably haven't had the opportunity to develop the best eating habits.