Saturday, February 27, 2010


This letter appeared in the local paper today. This is his opinion. I don’t think the Tea Partiers are quite that strong. It appears that the one thing many of the groups agree on is that they don’t agree with each other.


So, a guy in Texas burns down his house so the federal government won’t get it, and rams his plane into an IRS building, killing a federal employee. In his suicide note he states “violence is not only an answer it is the only answer.” The Austin police chief assures us “there is no cause for concern.” The Homeland Security Office is investigating an apparent isolated incident. The media report that a man with a “grudge against the IRS” flies his plane into the IRS building. One week later the story is nowhere to be found in the media.

Meanwhile the Tea Party movement is gaining strength. In Idaho, Tea Party folks are joining the Friends of Liberty coalition that includes Glenn Beck’s 9-12 project, the John Birch Society, Oath Keepers, a new player in the militia movement, and Arm in Arm, a local group in the coalition that is organizing for possible civil strife by forming armed neighborhood groups. Loose alliances are being formed all over the country, with some groups stocking up on ammunition, gold and survival foods.

Sarah Palin calls for a “Revolution” at the national Tea Party convention, while a Republican candidate for the US Senate in Indiana, Richard Behney, assures his followers that if the 2010 election does not turn out right “I’m cleaning me guns and getting ready for the big show. And I’m serious about that and I’m sure you are too.”

I feel so much safer knowing this guy wasn’t some Muslim Terrorist.

Pete Mandrapa

According to a source on the web the Republican Party in Indiana has disavowed Mr. Behney’s statement. The guy is a minor candidate who probably won’t get the party nomination, but if his name was a little different, and his skin a little darker, you can bet that statement would have been front page news all over the country and headlining on Faux News all week long.

On a happier note. The Aryan Nations hate group was bankrupted out of Idaho several years ago and has been looking for a place to light ever since. The self proclaimed head of the group, Paul Mullet, has fastened his beady eyes on the John Day area in Harney county in Eastern Oregon. With sixteen percent unemployment and property values in the cellar I guess they figured we’d welcome just about anybody with a check book.

It took less than a week but the city of John Day and the neighboring towns of Canyon City, Mount Vernon and Prairie City pulled in their welcome mats so fast he hasn’t even been able to find a realtor to work with him. There’s already been one well attended protest rally with more information meetings planned. Mr. Mullet states that his group still plans to relocate to Oregon. He can buy the land but if no one in the area is willing to deal with them it’s a long way to the nearest grocery store. One thing Eastern Oregon has lot a of is miles and miles of miles and miles.

There is some sanity left in the world after all. I’ll take all I can get.

Update: Found a story on the web after I posted this. Mr. Mullett is claiming that the good folks of John Day are discriminating against them. I've always found it interesting that those who discriminate are quick to accuse other folks of discriminating against them. :-)


Lisa :-] said...

I have a feeling that the next big terrorist attack on American shores will bear more resemblance to the Oklahoma City bombing (funny how the wingnuts don't talk about that one too much) than to the destruction of the twin towers.

This country has gone nuts.

JACKIE said...

Sometimes I feel like we're playing a giant shell game. While we keep our eyes on Muslim Terrorist pea somebody is sawing through all the legs on the table.

marigolds2 said...

On Amy Goodman's Democracy Now show Thursday, Feb. 25, Glenn Greenwald of and Amy talked about the Joe Stack case, and our media's determination not to call him a terrorist. The media's definition of terrorist is clearly Muslims in caves who hate the US. Or, in fact, any Muslims who hate the US.

This is the link to the show transcript:

Scroll down through the public option discussion with Greenwald to get to the Joe Stack portion of the conversation.

Lisa :-] said...

Muslims in caves.

Like I said.

This country has gone nuts.

JACKIE said...

Keep your eye on the little pea. Keep your eye on the little pea. Never mind the nutcase down the street with the AK47; he's a good ol boy. Keep your eye on the little pea. :-P