Monday, February 22, 2010

Late February

We want it to be spring
Right now
The backyard birds and I.
Birds gathered in this cold
At suet blocks
Flocking on feeders
Feathered knots of hunger,
Desperation, greed.
    At the kitchen window
    Though warmed by coffee,
    Wool socks, silk underwear
    I too am desperate,
    Empty, hungry, cold.
    Waiting for something I cannot find
    In a bag of black oil seed.


Cynthia said...

Just beautiful, so poignant, so true.

sunflowerkat321 said...

Yes....absolutely beautiful...and very moving.

Lisa :-] said...

Lovely images, Mary Ellen. I didn't know poetry was among your many talents...

As for Spring, we've had such lovely weather here for the past ten days that it feels like Spring has arrived and unpacked her bags quite early this year...

marigolds2 said...

Thank you dear ladies, thank you very much. And, yes Lisa: poetry, cooking, and gardening are the only talents that I can count as mine. Well, I guess I have to include teaching, even though I'm about to give it up. Although I say that just about every semester, this time I think I'm really going to do it. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities in this town for teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, so I may do some of that. I think I'll miss it when I do retire, and volunteer teaching will let me keep my hand in.