Saturday, July 19, 2008



May the wind always be at your back
May the sun rise to meet you
May money jingle in your pockets
May your OP system never crash
May your good times exceed your bad
May your peace out weigh your fear
May you know the surety of friendships
May the pureness of being a woman be a joy

May this year be the best

Happy life to you!

I love you.


sunflowerkat321 said...'s Lisa's Birthday!!

Best wishes Lisa for all good things....this year and always.

{{{{{{{{{{BIG BIRTHDAY HUG}}}}}}}}}}}}}


mutualaide said...

Happy Belated Birthday Lisa!  I was out of town so no wishes on the day.  S'rry.  :)

thesheatons said...

Happy birthday, and many more.


mlraminiak said...

Thanks, everybody!  I actually had a pretty fine birthday, this year...  Lisa  :-]