Saturday, July 12, 2008


Yes, the Friday photos are a day late, but I hadn't taken the pictures until this morning. So, I'm either a day late or a week early.


I honestly thought these purple cone flowers didn't make it through the winter. None of the others we planted last summer did. Note: we've had this one for several years and it's been moved more than once. So, either I forgot exactly where this one was, or it did the natural division process and the new half came back like gang busters. There are at least three dozen blossoms on this plant ranging from almost full bloom to a gleam in Mother Nature's eye.

Warning: spider alert.

Granted, it's not much of a spider. I was out early this morning. The sun was just starting to move into the yard and the "neighbors" hadn't started to wake up yet.

Including this little yellow lady bug type visitor. I love coneflowers as much for the "cones" as the petals. Get me in the right mood and I could stare at the patterns in the center until I'm almost hypnotized. Granted I wasn't quite awake yet. It was just a little after six when the did it's famous boot imitation. LOL


mlraminiak said...

Coneflowers (echinacea) are indeed perennials.  But I think they don't like their soil to get too wet, so if you have some that didn't over-winter, they were probably drowned.

Echinacea is a great source of vitamin C.  They tell you to drink echinacea tea to ward off colds.  That's how I found out I was allergic to it.  Had pneumonia AND hives at the same time.  :P  

mutualaide said...

One of my favorites too.  I love the cone and the blooms ... and guess what ?  There is a 'new' variety.  Doppleganger or Doublebloom.  No foolin'!  There is a second bloom on top of the cone.  

sunflowerkat321 said...

I also find the center of cone flowers hypnotic in nature.  I moved several from my home in PA and they're doing well.  This year I bought some of the new variations with the sunrise/sunset colors.  They should be incredible in a couple of years.