Friday, July 11, 2008

Hi-jack An E-mail Address Today

E-Mail Address -- Hi-jacked?

This morning I woke to a very busy day.  Between work, helping Emily pack for camp and having to write those checks that I chose not to write last night, well, my brain is full.

I signed on to AOL and looky here girl!  There is an e-mail from myself (at mutualaide@****)  In the subject line is ;   Fakir(11:51:20 07-07-07), mutualaide@****

Well.  Now I'm sitting here looking at this, knowing full well this is not an e-mail from me on nor is it an e-mail from me on just plain aol .... so what the heck is it?

Of course it's SPAM.  So now what do I do?  Delete it?  Report it?  If I report it am I reporting myself?  How the heck do I report it without just sending it off in to AOL's non-brainiest thinkers room where they will just assume my screen name is some vagabond, errant hi-jackerGrrrr.

So, I needed to open it.  With fingers crossed I opened the darn thing and there is a link to 'her' and the fun we will have if I go to visit.  :::sigh::: What!?  Is she going to take me on an all expense paid trip to Hawaii, Paris, Austria?  I don't think so.  And I don't think she's going to sit with me and pay bills -- which would surely be a fun thing to do.  Maybe we'll shop for a new car? 

I'm sort of wondering if any of you have been getting lots of SPAM lately, because I sure have.  At least ten to twenty a day ... usually all of them are in the SPAM folder, but it's somewhat frustrating.  What with AOL's spy ware and virus protection and all that publicity a couple of years back about how they go after spammers

Maybe they don't any more?  Maybe that SPAM folder in the mail room here doesn't even go anywhere.  Eventually you have to delete the SPAM ... so does AOL actually get it [the spam] reported to them?

Well.  Just so you know folks, I am not sending out any SPAM to anyone.  And I am really po'd that I have to worry about this.  I've had this screen name since AOL was pay-by-the-minute and I don't want to have to give it up or think up a new one.  I sure as heck don't want AOL to block me or take it away!  Or whatever the great SPAM gods do. Geesh.

I'm probably worried for nothing, but still.

This is exactly why I ask people to not forward things to me.  I ask people to copy the body of the e-mail, pop it into a new e-mail and send it along.  I ask everyone to please not include my e-mail address in a long line of e-mails being sent out. 

I know you can't protect your e-mail address or screen name 100% of the time.  But I try fairly diligently.

No matter how much I like you, if you forward something to me, I'm not going to open it -- like I did yesterday. 


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sunflowerkat321 said...

In regards to email and the internet....nothing really surprises me anymore.  It's amazing to think how many people seem to have the time to initiate this kind of stuff.