Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Too bad there isn't a mood entry for "totally pissed off."

Phil Gramm, former senator from Texas, 

1. Worked like a good little beaver to rewrite the banking laws    to breach the firewalls between separate types financial institutions

2.  Tried to help deregulate the power industry leading to the Enron meltdown

3. Left the senate for a cushy job with Switzerlands' biggest bank

4. Was, and maybe still is, John McCain's point man on the economic matters and

5. When all the vultures come home to roost tells us the problems are all in our heads and we're a nation of "whiners."

WTF is wrong with this picture?

And the bail out for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae is attached to a housing bill with block grants to help people facing foreclosure and the current occupant doesn't approve of block grants so he's threatening to veto it. The man is the lamest of ducks but he can still blow up the bridge in front of the out of control train. Who needs Bin Laden to wreck the country when we're doing such a great job of cutting ourselves off at the hips.

Hold the damn election next Monday. Certify the winner on Tuesday or ASAP considering possible electoral college questions and swear the winner in the day after.



mlraminiak said...

I was having a conversation last night with someone, wherein I stated that we have yet to see the end of the damage the Bush Administration will do.  In fact, I think things will only accellerate, as they rush to stuff their pockets before their time runs out.  

Definitely $5 per gallon gas by Labor Day.  But that probably will be the least of our worries...  

Lisa  :-]

mutualaide said...

I'm with you Jackie.  Sooner the better and WTF?  It isn't fair?  Too bad ... we aren't being treated fairly ... or more accurately ... inteligently.  Sucks.

dsonney01 said...

Yea Jackie. When you get riled up you go girl! We can be all flowers and canning etc. but we do have our eyes and minds in the arena of the big picture too. Thank the Great Spirits for Women like you! I support your views here- Dannelle