Thursday, July 10, 2008

Friday Photo A Week Late And A Day Early

My photos for last Friday ...

  Ipswich River @ Farnsworth Landing, Middleton MA.  This is a small picnic and canoe launch area that my daughter and I frequent for picnic type lunches.  The river runs under an undivided state highway, Route 114 and the parking lot is off the highway.  Once out of the car and sitting at a picnic table overlooking the river we don't even notice the noise of the traffic.  It's amazing how peaceful this little spot is.

 One of the many aquatic plants that grow here.  I have no idea the name of this one, but it is lovely.

 Evening primrose growing against the fence.


Three Photos A Day Early For Photo Friday

 This bud is on a miniature rose bush purchased at Walmart last fall.  It, and the following bush were on a clearance shelf for $1.66. 

 We had no idea the colors or if they would survive the winter.  I left them in their little plastic containers and placed them in a corner of the protected garden.  Lo and Behold!  Here they are transplanted this spring into large pots and thriving on our front stoop.

 I don't know the name of this butterfly, but I thought it interesting how well he (or she) matches the marigolds.


mlraminiak said...

Well.  It looks like summer is in full swing out there in MA.  Love your roses...  Lisa  :-]

ereading7 said...

Sounds like one great bargain on the roses.  Thanks for sharing your great photos.