Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bullet Point

And for today's cartoon I give you this, by Tom Toles, from The Washington Post.  I am particularly affected, since two days ago in our town a four year old boy found his father's gun, while his nanny was in the house and his two year old brother was sleeping, and accidentally shot himself with it.  He was the third child under six to do this in this town so far this year. It was in an UNLOCKED gunbox and was itself not locked.  How long will we as a country tolerate living like this?


JACKIE said...

As sad as that story is; it's a scary example of the fallacy of at least one of the arguments used by the gun lobby. The argument that if you have a gun in the house you can protect yourself and your family. But, if you have kids you're supposed to keep the firearms locked up......with the ammo separate and also locked up. That's how by duck hunting brother in law handled it. A lovely, secure, locked gun safe witht the guns in one part and the ammo in another.

I mean just picture it: "uh, can you guys hold up for just a minute while I get my gun out and load it and then we can get back to the home invasion." Not!!!!!

Back when the kids were little and they were at our place a lot, I decided that if somebody was coming in one door I was grabbing the kid and heading out the other and leaving the door open for the cats. Everything else in the house was expendable and replaceble.

Lisa :-] said...

Don't get me started on the gun lobby. We here at Women On have, unfortunately, chased away one or two of our original group with our (MY) political views...and one of the most controversial posts I made here was about guns... I just don't get why otherwise sane people are so attached to their firearms. There is some really deep-seated paranoia at work here.