Saturday, April 24, 2010

Facebook :-(

I trust we all remember--though I know I would rather forget--the dark days after 9/11 when our national government turned into something we didn’t recognize. When you actually feared what might happen if you were overheard at a bar or a restaurant criticizing the actions of the Bush Administration. Those days when any even slightly negative comment about the then-President was resoundingly condemned as, at the very least, un-American; and, at worst, actual treason punishable by…god knows what. It was a surreal experience, to be shocked and dismayed at the actions of the government, and to realize that if I reacted publicly, I might well actually be pulled out of my bed in the middle of the night and dragged somewhere for questioning, or worse. This is a nightmare, I thought. This CANNOT be the United States of America.

So now, we have those self-same ideologues who viciously and self-righteously declared the office of the President of the United States worthy of all respect and deference no matter who occupied it, giggling behind their hands and clicking on the “like” button on a Facebook page advocating prayer for the death of President Barack Obama.

Oh. My. God.

Can you imagine, can you just picture, the reaction to such a thing during the Bush years? That Facebook page would have been yanked so fast it would make your head spin. Hell, perhaps Facebook itself would have suddenly and mysteriously disappeared from the ether. And, sure as hell, someone would have been rounded up. Very publicly, with flags waving, bugles blowing and inflammatory rhetoric blaring from any and every conservative podium.



Cynthia said...

I know the page is supposed to be a joke. It's beyond bad taste. It perverts some of the basic tenets of my religion, and if the insult against our president weren't enough, that would compel me to speak up. I have tried, even though it has been incredibly, nerve wrackingly, migraine inducing hard to respect the office of the President regardless of who has held it. I feel that is our duty as citizens. Disagree, yes. Disagree passionately, vehemently, if that is how you feel -- that is also your duty as a citizen. That is what government by the people comes down to sometimes. Disagreement can be done with respect, and (the upcoming buzzword) civility. I know that people of other religions pray, but I'm targeting Christians in their support of this FB page, because to pray for the death of anyone is so counter to the most important commandments of Love God and Love other people that it saddens and appalls me that anyone who says they follow Christ could see humor in this.

JACKIE said...

"I was only joking" is the failsafe for someone who has stepped in deep do do in public, knows it, and won't admit it.

Remind these "prayerful persons" who will become president if something happens to the president and vice president. I predict fervent prayers for their health and long life.

And no, this is not the church I recognize.

alphawoman said...

I guess its getting our freedom of speech back.

Kathy said...

I try with all due respect to honor and believe in the office and position of the President of the United States and that doesn't always translate into support or agreement.

I haven't seen the page, although I am on FB frequently (but that's another story) but I do know two women who were de-friended by a mutual friend ( AOL J friends)for clicking on 'like' for that page.

It may be intended as dark humor or sick humor or a complete insult, I can't speak for the creator of it -- regardless how I feel about any political being, I am glad I missed it.

Lisa :-] said...

That's what the right wing always says when it's THEIR freedom of speech they're exercising...

It's true. We have freedom of speech in this country. But just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD. Obviously, we are not mature enough to understand that.