Wednesday, April 21, 2010


And this is from a cartoonist with a San Antonio newspaper. In almost all the pictures I've seen of Tea Party gatherings the faces are white,white, white.


Lisa :-] said...

You know and I know what the whole "Tea Party: thing is all about.

It's about racism, pure and simple. It's about "the other side" understanding that it is not politically correct to hate the president because he's black. So they invented the whole "Tea Party" thing as a vehicle whereby those chicken-ass racists 3who don't want to be called racists can hate the president because...he's a socialist, he's a democrat, he hasn't waved his magic wand and healed the economy immediately, he isn't THEIR president...choose your "reason." But don't think it doesn't all have its roots in the fact that there are so many in this country who were shocked and dismayed that a black man was elected President. We all knew it was too good to be true...that this country could accept and embrace a black president. I wonder what would have happened if Hillary Clinton would have won?

JACKIE said...

If Hillary had won? Oh God, certain parts of the country would have just imploded. There'd be divots all over the place.

Just as the new immigration law in Arizona isn't about immigration, it's about intimidation. It's about a state with a forty percent Latino population: but only twenty percent or so vote. Just pull a "Texas" and park a police cruiser at a minority population polling center and you could push that right down to near zero.

God, I'm more depressed than I was when I posted this.