Thursday, June 19, 2008


I’ve been sort of AWOL this week. Let me say up front that mom is doing fine. You could park a fully loaded semi on this woman and she’d dig her way out from under it.


I got home from work last Thursday and found mom in her favorite chair sort of cradling her right hand and arm. She’d been coming in from the garage and didn’t quite make it. She has some arthritis in her hips and sometimes they don’t quite do what she wants them too when she wants to do it. She went backwards and caught herself on her right arm. So it was off to the ER we go. Final result? Bruised shoulder, banged up elbow, and a very small break in the wrist just above the wrist. They put her in a splint, an above the elbow splint on a person who is strongly right handed. She was pretty stiff for a couple of days but by Monday morning she was by golly washing dishes.


The downside is that we didn’t get to go to Jon’s graduation or get up to Portland for the celebration get together. But, my vacation day came in handy anyway. The appointment at the orthopedist for a check up and cast was a bit of a joke. I did have the foresight to confirm the appointment. It didn’t occur to me to ask if they were still at the Eugene address. The address on the ER referral form. They aren’t. The practice moved to Springfield. Before Christmas. At least we got our walk in. LOL.


At this point she has a pretty blue below the elbow fiber glass cast on her right arm. And some nice bruises on her elbow and upper arm. She can do quite a bit. As long as it only takes one and a half hands. She can’t drive right now. Kind of hard to run the car when you can’t reach the ignition. I have to help her take care of her support hose, things like that. Otherwise, as long as I leave some things prepped, and the lids loose on some items she can get along ok during the day. The cats are deliriously happy. The lap is available off and on most of the day.


Of all the outcomes we could have had, this is just about the best we could have hoped for. And she’ll get the cast off in late July. In the meantime, I suspect her guardian angel’s guardian angel is probably still looking for a nice tall one.


emmapeeldallas said...

I think you're right!  I'm glad to hear she's OK.  It sounds like the two of you have a terrific relationship!


mutualaide said...

I think that guardian angel is one lucky angel!  Mom too.  Glad she's okay, and while it's a shame you didn't make the graduation and celebration, you did get some quality time with Mom.  I suspect, though, that you two get lots of good time together.  

sunflowerkat321 said...

Thank goodness she wasn't hurt worse.  It sounds like she's taking it all in stride and coping well.  I know it must be frustrating for her. But at least she should be good as new by the end of the summer.

dsonney01 said...

Oh, so sorry about Mom. I fully understand crisises (how do you spell crisis plural?)- and don't they always come at the wrong time. Hope she is getting better as fast as possible. Who wants and cast in this weather? I know how hard it is to accept help when you need it- you're being a extra, extra special daughter- Love to you both- Dannelle

mlraminiak said...

Jeez louise!  Look at what I miss when I'm out of town.  We were in Astoria this weekend doing the Scandi Midsummer Festival, and I was without internet (it was kind of nice, actually...)

Anyhoo, I hope Mom is doing better.  And I'm so glad she didn't break a hip or something.  That gal is made out of some tough stuff!

Lisa  :-]