Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the system

  This darling is my oldest son, Zachary.  He is the other reason we are going to home school in the fall...his behavior interferes with his learning, but only when he's awake.

Being the oldest of the siblings we adopted means he bears the most scars and still really wears open wounds.  He remembers what it was like to live with his birth parents and truly has child like point of views about what it was like.

He constantly rages against the world that "ruined his life."

We hope, that by home schooling him, we can reshape his personal identity to one that can fit into the regular world.  That we can reshape his negative, hateful view of life.


mlraminiak said...

Good luck is an inadequate response to this.  The best I can say is that I hope beyond all hope that you can turn this child around.  Even a little.  Lisa  :-]

mutualaide said...

Like Lisa, I can say that good luck is not an adequate response to this post.  I will say though, that having raised a child with special needs (very different from your childs) the road is rough and tumble and some days thick with mud.  But at the end of the road is a golden moment when 'all of it' was 'worth it'.  There are many ends of the road as you go along.  

I wish you good luck, and patience that lasts and lasts.  And wisdom.  

sunflowerkat321 said...

Again, I admire for taking on home schooling.  These children were so lucky to land in your family....where they will get all the love and care they may ever need.  Certainly with Zachary's history, public school could end up being the worst disaster ever.  I seen first hand the damage that cn be done from students who can't respect a child's differences.  And that doesn't even touch on the lack of patience and understanding on the part of some teachers.  All my best wishes are with you all.