Thursday, June 5, 2008

who am I?

I am the sum of all my past, of all my parts...I am not who I thought I would become; for that I am thankful.  Many people call me Mommy but I do not know if that title truly fits. 

Words are my music. 

Being 41, I am not old and I am not young, I am somewhere in that in between place like being a pre-teen. I am completely comfortable in my own skin. because it remembers the caress of God.



mutualaide said...

Oh, I love this entry.  :)

mlraminiak said...

Ah!  Christina finally makes an appearance!  I was beginning to think I had mistyped your screen name into our "writers" list.

Being 41, you are by far the baby of this crowd.  But that's all right.  We need a little non-Boomer input here.


Lisa  :-]