Friday, June 20, 2008

East Coast Girls Are Early Birds

 A 'ready to fly' brood of Phoebes.  The parents or their descendants return each year to a joist under our back deck.  Two years ago Dave put this white box thing-y in the corner where the birds construct so the nest wouldn't fall or slip to the ground.  He then covered the area above so that when it rains the rain water drains away from the nest. 

  He doesn't love me feeding the birds because of all the chipmunks and we surely are overrun with them this year! but the Phoebes and other visitors with song and activity make it worthwhile.

The one drawback to the birds (and it isn't a big one) being under the deck is the corner they chose.  It is just off to the right of the basement walkout door so that whenever one of us opens the door to go out or walks under the deck to go in, a bird is startled and a human jumps as it flies over their head.



frankandmary said...

Your husband doesn't "love" your feeding the birds, but he put the box thingy in the corner, then he covered the area above so that when it rains the rain water drains away from the nest.

He doesn't love your feeding the birds, but loves you, so he made it easier for them.
I like him. ~Mary

sunflowerkat321 said...

How cool that the come back year after year.  But then, with such a cozy nesting place, why wouldn't they?  They know they have it pretty sweet!

dsonney01 said...

We all bear the dilemma of bird feeding- but it so worth it. Darling babies and good picture! Dannelle

emmapeeldallas said...

Oh, I love these pics!  They remind me...when I left work on Thursday evening at a little after 8, there was a young mockingbird in the parking lot who must have recently learned to fly.  He'd look at me and let me get quite close before stretching his wings and flying a few feet, then stop and look and do it again.  It was so great to witness that fledgling flight.  Babies of all ages, of all species, are always appealing...


mlraminiak said...

I love these pictures!  Aren't they the cutest little buggers?

Lisa  :-]