Friday, June 6, 2008

Hartford CT

Bystanders Ignore Hit-and-Run Victim - AOL News

Do the citizens of Hartford, Connecticut feel shame or are we, the humans far removed from that city the only citizens who do?

I feel shame at the callousness.  I feel disgust at the lack of compassion.  I am heartsick that another human being could first hit and drive off, and still others could look and drive away or turn their heads.

After watching the video with me, my husband said, "It's a set up." 

Why would anyone set themselves up to be critically injured or die?  Insurance money. 

I'd have to be pretty desperate to pull a stunt like that.  Insurance companies don't pay out in a week. 

"No, I don't believe it was set up, Dear." 

I do think it's a blaring example of the lack of morals in this country today. 

To quote my late mother, "Lack of morals and ethical values will be the downfall, the ruination of America."  "Mark my words."

Duly noted Mom.  Sadly too.



frankandmary said...

I know Hartford well & was once robbed there.  Quite different to be left in the road to die, but in my town while a pregnant nurse was stabbed over & over in a post office, everyone around ran, including the employees &, others just peered in the glass window. It took an off duty cop around the corner to try & rescue her.  She died in the hospital ER. They say circumstances make the man, but some people want to get to work on time I guess.

thesheatons said...

Words fail me.


mlraminiak said...

This is truly frightening.  Lisa  :-[

sunflowerkat321 said...

I couldn't bring myself to watch the video.  The thought of it makes me ill.  However, if I were on the scene I can't imagine not doing something to help.  I mean, crap....EVERYONE has a cell phone.  Couldn't they at least dial 911?