Friday, June 6, 2008

Photo Friday

In honor of all grads everywhere.

And just to show I was once not quite as old as dirt...

Me (on the left) with my best friend on the occasion of our high school graduation in June of 1973.


mutualaide said...

Young, long-haired and smiling the big smile!  Congrats, 35 years later.  ;)

sunflowerkat321 said...

Some things don't change much....and graduation and all it means is one of them.

BTW...I went back and read your entry about Terry.  Did you ever try and find her?

mlraminiak said...

No, I have not found her.  I've made some lame attempts to google her name, but haven't done anything serious.  Like I said in the post, I think she dropped out of contact with me on purpose...and I think I should just let it lie.  :(  Lisa  :-]