Sunday, June 15, 2008


Didn’t get around to taking any new pictures for Friday, but I have word picture. I was out in the side flower bed by the driveway yesterday morning. I was setting up the soaker hose and happened to look down to my left. We have several red Canterbury bell plants along the curb. And I discovered that hummingbirds also like Canterbury bells as much as we do. Not sure what variety, but it was mostly green. And very happy to find the flowers.



Found this shot on the web. We have some white ones too. But all the plants by the driveway are the red ones. We'll see how tall the get next year when they had some time to settle in.


The little hummer has buzzed me a couple of times on its way around the yard. Doesn't seem to mind us. Acts like it owns the place, actually.



mlraminiak said...

We have several of the little guys that have lain claim to our particular, the feeder which I have to fill at least once a day.  I love them!  Lisa  :-]

mutualaide said...

Oh, those little hummers are so cute.  Looking forward to Canterbury pictures next season.

emmapeeldallas said...

Now that I have a yard...sort of...I had the pool taken out last winter, and what I have out there is more dust bowl than yard...but eventually, I hope to have plants that will attract hummingbirds.  Those Canterbury bells are BEAUTIFUL!


ckays1967 said...

how very cool