Monday, September 15, 2008


This should have happened Friday, what can I say?

This is a new dahlia we got this spring. Not the best shot. I still have some issues dealing with light reflecting off some flowers.

And the close up. Doesn't look quite real, does it? You can see this planter from the kitchen window. We did peaches last weekend and I realized as I was sorting, blanching and peeling that this flower looks a lot like a nice ripe Improved Elberta.

And the peaches were wonderful this year. We had a couple of days of really hot weather to get the fruit ripening and a few cool damp days to ramp up the juice. But, they were so ready to go that just putting them in boxes was bruising them. Didn't lose a one though. And they're safe in their jars just waiting for winter to give back some of that sunshine.


mlraminiak said...

There is a little farm stand that has been setting up out on Highway 30 about three blocks from the house.  They're there every Saturday and Sunday, rain or shine.  We've gotten some great fruit and veggies from them.  I've had Matt buy me a few peaches just for eating.  They're so ripe and juicy that the juice just runs all over the place when you eat them.  Mmmmmm!!!!  Not a thing like the plastic ones you get at the grocery store...!  Lisa  :-]

mutualaide said...

The dahlia is so pretty ... the one we have in our garden this year ... eaten to bits by slugs before I realized what was getting it.  But yours?  Gorgeous!

I seem to be able to get the juiciest, tastiest peaches this years.  Must have to do with rain and cool and sun ... it's been a strange summer here.

emmapeeldallas said...

Yum, I love peaches.  And these pics are so beautiful!  I really enjoy seeing the pics you post.


sunflowerkat321 said...

This is the first year I've had dahlias and I'm really enjoying them.  Such a broad range of color.  This one's a real beauty.

I'm missing the peaches I could get in PA.  I haven't had a satisfying peach this summer.  And they're one of my favorite fruits.  Yours sure sound yummy.